I Wish I'd Been Born a Unicorn

When Mucky decides it would be better if he was a unicorn, Owl tries to help—but wouldn't a true friend like him just the way he is?

Mucky is fed up with being a "drab old brown" horse who smells so bad that none of the other horses want to share his field. Instead, he wants to be a unicorn with a gleaming white coat and a long horn that the other horses admire. So Owl comes up with a plan to make Mucky’s wish come true, and enlists the help of the other animals. They use a shell from the beach for a horn and milk from the cows to paint him. He wakes up thinking he’s turned into a unicorn, but it soons rains and everything gets washed away. Mucky then realizes he doesn’t need to be unicorn to have great friends who will notice him.

Läsålder: 3-6
Språk: Engelska
Författare: Rachel Lyon
Illustratörer: Andrea Ringli
Förlag: Maverick Arts
Antal sidor: 32
Kategorier: Books in English, Börja läsa

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