Passage of a cloud

One morning, something like a heavy cloud slowly entered the room and placed itself over the heart of Ladan. Her grandmother had felt the heavy cloud too. The bird said, "We also know that heavy cloud, but we would turn it over to the wind and wind would take it to the sea and sea would give it to the fish." Ladan said to the cloud, "It is better to go to the mountain." Cloud said, "If you help me and run after me until I fly, I shall go to the mountain". Ladan ran out. The bird said, "What a sunny day!" Ladan did some painting and colouring with her brother and helped her mother with her housework. Ladan felt better and that heavy cloud had no more place in her house.

Språk: Farsi
Författare: Mahdokht KASHKOULI
Illustratörer: Illustrator Mohammad Ali
Förlag: Shabaviz
Antal sidor: 24
Kategorier: Böcker på persiska/farsi

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