The story of the captain of Anahid

Paoro, the best sailor in the world, was tired of always having to travel on water and transporting people. He asked for help from Anahita but received nothing except advice. Then he went to Fereidoun who turned him into a vulture and made him fly into the air. It was not long before Paoro regreted his decision but had no way back. The day when he was caught in the trap of eagles, he cried loudly. Having heard him, Anahita came to his help. He gained his original form and returned to earth.

Språk: Farsi
Författare: Mahdokht KASHKOULI
Illustratörer: Alain BAILHACHE
Förlag: Shabaviz
Antal sidor: 40
Kategorier: Böcker på persiska/farsi

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