Why Do Rainbows Have So Many Colors?

Early learners are encouraged to ask and answer questions about nature (e.g. Why do rainbows have so many colors? Why do some trees lose their leaves? Why do some clouds have rain falling out of them? Why do volcanoes stay quiet for so long and then erupt? Why do flowers smell so good?) in this playful text. Each question is posed and answered first with an imaginative silly answer followed by the correct answer. The text sequence and repetition creates an engaging game for young readers as they are encouraged to dream up their own silly answer on the way to learning.

Läsålder: 6-9
Språk: Engelska
Författare: Jennifer Shand
Illustratörer: Daniele Fabbri
Förlag: Flowerpot Press
Antal sidor: 22
Kategorier: Fakta och lärande, Books in English

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